GROWTH STRATEGYWin larger market share, optimize portfolio,
and develop new business


    To discover new business ideas and to covert them into reality are common decision-making tasks that most companies require large scale of investment. Competitive strategies should be established in regards of market characteristics, changes in consumer’s needs, sales aspects, portfolios, and management efficiency.

    • Set appropriate growing strategies for each company in various industries
    • Strategies for expanding modularization in B2B industries, such as Automotive parts and raw materials, and new product development
    • Looking for new market in construction and infrastructure industry contracts and building MI and pipeline system
    • Global market entry strategies in B2C industries such as retails and consumer goods, business expansion strategies, review and implement of new factory foundations
    • Establish specific alternatives and its plans, not comprehensive suggestions
    • Minimize risks on application process and produce substantive outcomes through engagement in problem solving